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The following guide is given as advice when contracting a disc jockey and disco. Whether or not you pick DJ Dave.
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Does the DJ let me pick the playlist?

The above must rank highly in a league of repeated queries brought up by the booker ringing around for quotes from travelling discos. Must be further reason against pumping for the lowest cost mobile disco gettable. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. It might an important night for you but if the travelling DJ is expecting next to nothing performer is inclined to treat the event as their own evening out which may influence the songs selected. A skilled top calibre DJ is at your special event to provide music for the guests irrespective to the disk jockey's individual dance preferences. A playlist (bear in mind when choosing the number of songs, tracks last about 4 minutes so only 15 can be played in an hour) forwarded to the DJ a good time prior to the day of the event would result in a professional mobile disco DJ highlighting your selections as time allows during the evening.

What's the disk jockey going to turn up in?

Dress code isn't an issue. An experienced top range presenter of the mobile disco will wear what befits your party be evening dress for a black tie affair or something which fits in with a themed night.

Is it going to deafen us?

The professional DJ is skilled in determining the acoustic level and keeping a check on the loudness during the evening. Whilst your friends chat on arrival in the early evening the music should be in the background setting the mood of the party rather than drowning out people's voices. For the experienced disc jockey lowering the volume if called to would raise no great dilemma.

Is the DJ just there to put the records on?

The majority of events entail a little bit extra on top of providing songs to dance to. The experienced mobile MC at the roadshow disco is easily adept at mixing the tracks, putting out all of the blurb during the course of every event and dealing with or volunteering friendly suggestions for snags that sometimes spring up during your special event.

Does the Mobile Disco deliver their Contract in writing?

It is often said a verbal agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on. Written confirmation of that telephone booking is critical, this must be plainly drafted, and present security to you and the Dee Jay. The Contract's Terms and conditions should be equitable for yourself and the travelling disco DJ. This contract should be in duplicate in order that the travelling disc jockey mobile discotheque and yourself have a copy signed in confirmation by yourself and the mobile DJ roadshow disco.

Has the performer Public Liability Cover?

Whilst the litigation culture prevails it's paramount the performer you book is covered against public liability claims. If in the role as affair coordinator you arrange for a Mobile DJ or Roadshow Disco that does not have insurance to cover public liability when an incident occurs attributable to failure to exercise the degree of care considered reasonable under the circumstances, resulting in an unintended injury to another party (for example disco lights fall on somebody or electrical burns from contact with exposed power cable) the claimant's lawyer put in a claim against the Dee Jay, the venue and the person who booked the disco. At the same time as asking for a signed copy of the written contract you should ask the DJ to send you a copy of his/her insurance certificate to prove that they are insured.

Has the mobile DJ's equipment undergone In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment? (Previously refereed to as PAT Testing, Portable Appliance Test)

The In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment is not mandatory (on the date this is written), although most places require proof that all electrical appliances have been PAT tested (an out of date expression but still used by venues) proir to permitting a performer to plug in his PA system. A practice probably proposed by the places solicitors who too know the practice of peppering everybody with claims to see which one sticks. This advice comes from personal observations. I've had to get out the paperwork before unpacking the portable amplifier and seen an inflatable sent packing by site management for not having copies of their electrical appliances' test results.

What is the standard of the DJ's Mobile Disco equipment?

Home Hi-Fi and professional PA systems are worlds apart. The Mobile Disco equipment a DJ brings in to play must be designed to be taken out and about day in day out. Cutting Edge DJ Equipment Your home PC wouldn't put up with being thrown in and out of the back of a Transit van. No need to be nervous putting any of the probes, used as opening lines in this or any of the above paragraphs, past the mobile MC. A travaelling discotheque DJ won't go off in a huff. With nada to conceal a disc jockey would love the opportunity to go into great depths about professional quality of their on the road mobile disco equipment.

The earlier paragraphs raise matters you should consider when getting a quote for a MC, DJ, roadshow, karaoke, mobile discotheque for your important party.

Don't underestimate the significance to selecting a mobile disco DJ with positive answers the preceding issues. The Disc Jockey, Roadshow Disco Trailer Stage, Karaoke, MC, Presenter, Mobile Disco and PA systems provided by DJ Dave come back with a positive reply to everything mentioned previously. Practised professionalism and class have the biggest influential components in engaging your event's DJ, Roadshow Disco Trailer Stage, MC, Disc Jockey, Presenter, Mobile discotheque, PA system, Karaoke or travelling disco.

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